Twitter is a great search tool

TwTwitter Searchitter is a great tool for connecting with others, but it is also a wonderful tool to use to search and find information.  Using Twitter for search is one of my favorite ways to use the tool.

There are many different things you can search for on Twitter and doing so will give you a way of finding out several key pieces of information, like what others are saying out about you and your brand, what your competitors are saying, who many be looking for your product or service and much more.

This morning I came across this post from Zapier that highlighted several ways to search Twitter that was very useful.  I would highly suggest taking a look at this post and seeing the different ways to really search Twitter and find some great information that you can use to help you grow your reach, connections and business.

Here is the link to the blog post for you: 25 Effective Ways to Use Twitter for Adanved Search


Help Someone took my Twitter Handle !!!

Creating a consistent brand across all social networks is important and that is why it can be very Twitter Handle Issuesstressful if you go to set up your Twitter account and find out that your desired Twitter Handle isn’t available and is in use by someone else.

Social Media Today published a great post with some tips on how to deal with things when you can’t get your Twitter Handle . ( What to Do When Your Twitter Handle is Taken But Isn’t in Use ).

Here are some key links for you to deal with a situation when you are unable to get your Twitter Handle and you really are entitled to it.

Your Twitter Handle is not available and has the big fat egg or hasn’t been updated in several months.  Refer to Twitter’s Inactive User Policy

Your Twitter Handle has been taken over by someone else.  This is typically used when potential trademark issues are involved. Refer to Twitter’s Trademark policy violation

Someone is actually pretending to be you on Twitter. You will want to reference the impersonation help team at Twitter




What is Your Why for Being Social with Social Media?

What is Your Why for Being Social with Social Media?

Why Social MediaSocial Media is everywhere and unless you have been living under a rock or are disconnected I am sure that you realize this and more than likely have jumped into using Social Media in some form.

Have you ever stopped to think about what your why is for being on Social Media?

The answer to this can be different for everyone, but it is something you should think about, especially if you are spending a lot of time in this space.

The following are some reasons that you may be active on Social Media:

  • Stay Connected with Family and Friends
  • Make Connections
  • Brand Yourself or Your Business
  • Provide Customer Service
  • Create a Space for Your Customers to Share

There may be other reasons as well and of course your reasons for being on Social Media may be all of the above.

The above reasons are just a small list of reasons that you may be on Social Media.  Over the next several days we will look at the why more and branch out into what that really looks like and then what a strategy around that may look like.

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Great tools for finding content to share

tools for finding content

Sometimes you have to search for great content

One of the first things I do on a daily basis is to search for relevant content to help me stay on top of my industry and to share with others.  My content search typically includes some of the following topis:

  • Social Media
  • Top New Social Media Tools and Developments
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media for Big Business
  • Productivity
  • And Much More

I typically use a combination of tools to find and curate the content that I find as interesting and relevant.

A couple of my favorite tools for doing this include Feedly ( which is my favorite alternative to Google Reader), as well as

Today in my content discovery time I came across a great post from the Social Media Examiner that talked about Feedly and as well as another tool to use for finding great content to share.  I thought that this article was worth sharing.




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Are You Using Google+

Have you started using Google+ Yet?

When Google+ first surfaced I signed up right away for an account, but, that is about all I did.  Are You Using Google+There wasn’t a lot of traffic on Google+ and since the interface was so new and frankly different it was a bit confusing.  This being the case I keep my account but went back to the other social networks and left my Google+ Profile to sit.

A couple months ago I started seeing more and more buzz about Google+ and the power of circles, communities, pages and hangouts.  I decided to spend a little bit of time playing around and becoming more familiar with the tool.  This time around it didn’t seem so confusing – and it seemed pretty powerful.

In looking at Circles I saw the power to be able to add people to circles based on what they talked about and the industry they are in.  The concept of Circles also became more powerful – on Facebook you typically connect with people that you know in some form or fashion, but on Google+ you can add people to circles that you want to get to know.  I set up several circles that include the following:

  • Colorado Peeps – for those connections here in Colorado
  • Social Media – for those that I consider influential in this topic
  • Small Business – for those that are great business resources
  • Women in Technology – for those that I consider expert women in the tech field
  • Women Who Rock Social Media – this is my list of women who really get Social Media and share some excellent stuff

If you are new to Google+ and are just getting started this short video from Google gives a very quick overview of Google+ Circles:


Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting more on Google+ and the features and uses.


Content Curation Tips and Tools

Content Curation is becoming a popular topic and one that you should look into as part of your content marketing plan. Content curation

The following is a story that I curated using Storify to pull all of the pieces together.

This story will feature some of the best tips and tools on content curation that I have come across recently online. It is my goal to create a story to help guide you through the information overload and find the nuggets to comment on and share with your audience.


Social Media in 2013

Now that 2013 is officially here I have been putting the finishing touches on my goals that I want to accomplish this year both Social Media personally and professionally as well as incorporating my Social Media Goals into the mix.

2012 brought with it a lot of changes in the Social Media landscape along with a lot of new users of Social Media both personally and professionally.  A lot of small businesses began to jump on board and realize that they needed to add Social Media to their business and marketing plan to connect with customers and also attract new prospects and customers.

As we began 2013 Social Media plays a very important role in marketing, customer service and even how employees connect and work.  If your business did embrace the adoption of Social Media in 2012 you really should do so in 2013 or you may just find yourself left behind.

Here are some of the most recent posts and articles on Social Media for 2013 that I feel are worth sharing.  These selections provide some good insights and predictions on what we may see in 2013.

5 Ways Social Media Will Change the Way You Work in 2013

How Social Media Usage Will Change in 2013

21 Social Media Predictions for 2013 From the Pros

2013 Social Media Predictions for Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and More



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Weekly Top Social Media and Tool Finds for October 27th

Weekly Top Social Media Finds for October 27th

Great Social Media Finds

photo credit: code poet via photopin cc

Every week I get the opportunity to read some great information from others on Social Media and using it.  I also get to review and evaluate several great tools and how they can be used online to either improve your business, use in the classroom or to just connect with others. I will be sharing these great finds from time to time in a weekly recap post.

Please feel free to comment on and share any of these great finds.


Pinterest is a great tool.  I have often described it to people as an online vision or goal board, for that reason I loved seeing this post that describes it just as that!  Vision Boards and Pinterest: A Goal-Oriented Match Made in Heaven


Have you attended a conference recently and as you registered were given a hash tag to use on Twitter for the conference?  This is becoming more and more popular to get attendees to tweet at conferences.  The good news is that this works and increases engagement.  Here is a great post that shows the results. Now Proven! Using Twitter At Conferences Increases Attendee Engagement


One of my favorite undiscovered tools on LinkedIn is LinkedIn Answers.  This is a great tool to find out what people in your target market or industry are looking for – it is also a great way to increase your creditability.  This post I came across this week does a wonderful job on showing how to use this tool. The Ultimate Guide to Linkedin Answers


This is a great post from KISS Metrics that I came across that does a wonderful job of providing a list of resources for those that are interested in increasing your blogger outreach program as well as resources for guest blogging. The Ultimate Resource Guide to Blogger Outreach and Guest Blogging


Have you ever wanted to create an animated video?  Here is a tool that does exactly that for you.


How to be active on Facebook without spending too much time

Be Active on Facebook with minimal time

Anyone that has ever heard me talk about social media management knows that I am a huge advocate of setting up your social media so that it is easy to manage and doesn’t consume too much of your time.

There are several ways to be active on Facebook with minimal time.  A handful of ways I use to do this are:

  • Set specific times of the day that you get on Facebook and respond to friend requests and comment on other people’s post
  • Have both a personal profile and a business page
  • If you accept friend requests from most people consider changing your preferences to allow people to subscribe to your public updates
  • Create a content plan that maps out the different types o information you will share
  • Utilize tools such as hootsuite to help manage your postings


Here is another great post from American Express Open Forum on How to be active without spending too much time


Tools – Have you ever wanted to be in the news?

Create Your Own News Paper Clipping Create your own news paper clipping


Have you ever wanted to create your own newspaper clipping for either fun purposes or even for marketing purposes? Now you can!

Recently I came across a fun tool online that allow you to do just this – create a newspaper clipping.  You can check out this tool @