Case Studies – Positive impacts of using Social Media and Networking for your business

If you are in business and have had your eyes and ears open over the last several months to a year I am sure that you have heard and seen that you need to move your business into the Social Media and Social Networking arena.  A lot of businesses have heard and seen this and have taken the plunge, but some haven’t yet.

When we investigate why a business hasn’t taken the plunge yet we often find it is because they don’t see or understand what impact or ROI that using Social Media and Social Networking will have on their business.  Here are some case studies that have been pointing to in order to show the positive effect and ROI to business.

Case Study 1: Naked Pizza nakedpizzatwittersign

Naked Pizza has embraced the Social Media Tool Twitter and has been using it to build and drive business.  One day in April (April 23rd) Naked Pizza tested out the value of using Twitter and posted a special on Twitter.  This post or Tweet on Twitter brought in 15% of the business for that day.  This had a positive impact on the business and showed the power of a Social Media/Social Networking tool.

Case Study 2: Dell Computers

Dell Computers has jumped into Social Media and Social Networking full force and is one company that is able to give hard numbers of the increase in dollars that are directly related to using Twitter.  Dell has over 65 corporate Twitter accounts and one in particular is credited for bringing in over $3 million in sales – @delloutlet .  Dell has well over 400,000 followers currently on Twitter between all accounts.

Case Study 3: Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines has done a wonderful job embracing Social Media and Networking tools.  On Twitter they currently have over 574,000 followers.  In addition to being on Twitter Southwest is also on Facebook, flickr, Linkedin and YouTube as well as they have a company blog at .

Southwest Airlines does a wonderful job of communicating with their current customers and followers and has also embraced user generated content.  Here is a YouTub Video showcasing the rapping flight attendant that created quite a viral following for Southwest Airlines.

Case Study 4: CoffeeGroundz a Coffee House in Houston Texas

J.R. Cohen the Operations Manager for CoffeeGroundz was intrigued by Twitter when he heard about it.  He jumped on board though and began to follow local Tweeters of Houston.  Shortly after getting on board he was able to amass a following of over 1,000.  J.R. Cohen did a great job of networking and building his following.

Over time @CoffeGroundz has continued to use Twitter to build a following and has even taken an order through Twitter as well as hosted a Tweetup that produced many new customers as well as brought in a lot of business.

As of today (September 2, 2009) @CoffeGroundz now has over 7,800 followes on Twitter.

Case Study 5: City of Arvada Colorado

The City of Arvada in Colorado has jumped into Social Media and Social Networking tools and have embraced them 100%.   They currently are blogging (Inside the Center ), Micoblogging with Twitter (Twitter account), are using video (YouTube account) as well as sharing photos (Flickr photostream) and have a fan page set up on Facebook (Facebook fan page) .

Imbracing Social Media and Social Networking has allowed the City of Arvada to increase the ways it communicates with current residents as well as future residents.  This also helps build the citie’s image and reputation.

As you can see from the case studies above Social Media and Social Networking is being embraced by both large and small businesses as well as cities and is having a postitive impact.

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