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Twitter is a great search tool

TwTwitter Searchitter is a great tool for connecting with others, but it is also a wonderful tool to use to search and find information.  Using Twitter for search is one of my favorite ways to use the tool.

There are many different things you can search for on Twitter and doing so will give you a way of finding out several key pieces of information, like what others are saying out about you and your brand, what your competitors are saying, who many be looking for your product or service and much more.

This morning I came across this post from Zapier that highlighted several ways to search Twitter that was very useful.  I would highly suggest taking a look at this post and seeing the different ways to really search Twitter and find some great information that you can use to help you grow your reach, connections and business.

Here is the link to the blog post for you: 25 Effective Ways to Use Twitter for Adanved Search


Twitter Can be a Life Changer

TwitterTwitter Can be a Life Changer


Twitter is one of those tools that when I first mention it to people that aren’t using it yet they often respond with something like this, ” Twitter, I just don’t get it.”  I usually respond with yes, that is what most people first say, but it truly can be a very powerful tool.

Twitter can be a powerful tool though and can really help you connect and build relationships with people.  Twitter can also help you build your business.  It is however first about building the relationships and connections.

Melinda Emerson did a great job of stating how Twitter and Social Media in general is about relationships and community first in her blog post on the NY Times, How Tiwtter Changed My Life :

Some people think that the minute they start using social media it should start raining money. This is not true on Twitter or in any business. People do business with people they like, know and trust. Which means you must put in the time. If you are a resource to your target customer first, you will build a community online that you can eventually monetize.

The rest of the article does a great job of sharing and describing how Melinda used Twitter to connect and create a following that ultimately resulted in a regular Tweet Chat which still takes place and how Twitter helped her sell her first book.

This didn’t happen overnight though, it took time to build the following and connect.  Melinda spent time sharing information, answering questions and connecting with others.

Read the complete article on  How Twitter Changed My Life 



Great Twitter Infographics

Twitter is truly one of my favorite social media tools and continues to be.  I find Twitter a great resource for keeping a pulse on top information and making connections with others with common interests and goals.  Since I have been on Twitter I have had many occasions to tweet with others and connect with great people who I have been able to build friendships with as well as do business with.

This brings me to some great Twitter Infographics that I recently came across.  Here are just a couple of them:


Is Twitter a Waste of Time By ProBlogger:

The Who Why and How of Twitter by The Next Web

Twitter Info graphic

I would love to see your favorite infographics as well if you have any you want to share.

– Stefanie


List of Twitter Chats

Have you ever wondered what chats are available on Twitter and when they are and how to participate?

I was wondering myself this evening how many new and different Twitter Chats are available and which ones that I would like to participate in and maybe should participate in.  This prompted me to do a little digging and a little googling for some lists.

The following are my finds for you to use as a resource when you are looking for a Twitter Chat to join:

If you have other lists or Twitter Chats that you would like to suggest please feel free to comment and share this information.

– Stefanie


Once you have found your chat you can use TweetChat to follow along.



Twitter tools — lots of different Twitter tools

Twitter is truly one of my favorite social networking platforms and tools to use.  I have found it is quick and easy to use and a great way to learn from others, share and connect.  I have also found that there are several tools available that can be used with Twitter.

The tools that work with Twitter seem to be increasing on a steady rate as well.  There are tools for business, fun, tracking, to make twitter do more, tools to manage your followers and your tweets and much more.

I started to put together a list of all of the Twitter tools available the other day and in doing this I found a great mind map already completed that broke down the Twitter tools available.  I will be putting this list together still, however this is a great starting point:

If you have tools that you love and don’t see them on this list I would love to hear from you.




Use Twitter for Special Promotions

Twitter promotions for followersTwitter is a great tool for businesses to use in their overall marketing strategy.  There are many ways a business can use Twitter ranging from customer service to all out marketing and promotions.

We have seen a lot of companies use Twitter to share special deals with their followers.  This is a very effective strategy because in most cases these deals are not available anywhere else.  This encourages active followers who will watch for the special promotional tweets from the business they are following.

One of our local clients A-1 Custom Trophies has begun using Twitter and will periodically tweet a special just to their Twitter followers.  You can follow A-1 Custom Trophies on Twitter (@A1_Trophies).

This strategy of posting special deals on Twitter has also been used successfully by several other businesses.

Corner Coffee in Minneapolis MN is now using Twitter to send special deals to their customers.  (@cornercoffe)

Dell Computers is an example of a company added a very large additional revenue stream by using Twitter for special promotions (over $2 million a year) (@DellOutlet)

StarBucks is using Twitter very effectively and is communicating special Twitter deals on a regular basis (@starbucks)

Naked Pizza has also been using Twitter for special promotions – and in fact last year a special Twitter promotion brought in over 15% of the daily business for that day. (@NakedPizza)

As you can see businesses are using Twitter to send out promotions and specials to their followers and are having success in doing so.  As a business owner this is something that you do not want to miss.

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Insights from Top Brands on Twitter

Twitter is becoming more an more mainstream and several companies large and small are jumping on Twitter and many of them are achieving great success.

Here are some videos from some of these companies sharing about Twitter.

Dell Computers

Southwest Airlines – Interview with Christi Day


Comcast CEO – Twitter Changed our Company


Brad Nelson of Starbucks talks to the PSAMA

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How to find people to follow on Twitter

searching-twitterHopefully you are now active on Twitter, if not I am hoping you are getting ready to take that plunge.  One thing you will want to do once you are on Twitter and have posted a few tweets is to select those that you wish to follow.

There are several ways to select who you want to follow on Twitter.  One quick and easy way is to follow your friends or those that you know to start with.  After you have followed your friends however it is time to get down to business and start to find and follow those that are talking about what you are interested in or who are your target market for business.

Here are some ways to locate those individuals on Twitter that fit the criteria of either they talk about what you are interested in or they are your target market for your purpose for being on Twitter.

Search for individuals talking about what you are interested in

There are several ways to find people to follow that are interested in what you want to hear.  I am only going to cover a few today, so please keep in mind there are many more.

HootSuite- Hoot Suite is a web based Twitter client that can be used to do many things (manage multiple twitter accounts, reply to people, follow people, schedule tweets, and more).  The focus on HootSuite today however is the ability to use it to search.  You can search in HootSuite for tweets that contain key words that you are interested in.  Once you find the people that are sharing tweets of interest to you from within HootSuite you can select to follow them.

Search Twitter You can use good old fashion search Twitter and search on the keywords of interest and follow those individuals directly from Twitter

Tweep Find –  TweepFind allows you to search for a key word and find the top individuals based on user rank for that key word.  ( a similar tool is TweetFind, however this one is based on the Tweets instead of Tweeps)

Nearby Tweets – Nearby Tweets is an excellent way to search for those that are in a particular location and tweet about a particular topic.  This is an excellent tool if you are building a local list for people that may be interested in what you have to offer.

Browse a Directory with Twitter Users Listed

One great way to find people that you wish to follow is to use a directory.  The directories have people grouped based on their interests and what they tweet about.  Here are a list of a few directories to use to search for people to follow:

Twello – Twello is one of my favorite directories.  Individuals are grouped by basic categories as well as very well defined categories.  You can also search for people that contain certain words in their profile.  One thing I really like about this directory is that you can login directly and as you are browsing you can select those that you want to follow without having to move back and forth between the directory and Twitter.

TweetFind – This is a new directory that looks very promising.  It groups individuals into categories and it also ranks users.  One worth checking out.

GeoFollow – this is a directory that allows you to do a few different searches to find what you are looking for.  Another great tool to build a local list.

I am hoping that these tools with give you a place to start to find those to follow that are of interest to you and that you may be an interest to as well.

Good Luck finding and adding followers

–          Stefanie

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Twitter Tools

twitter-toolsTwitter is currently one of the top Social Networking tools that I use multiple times a day to connect with others and share my brand and direction.  I think the reason that it is on the top of the list is due to the ease of use and the efficiency as well as the tools that are available to work with Twitter.

There are literally thousands of tools available that can be used in some manner with Twitter, from clients to search to ranking to lists you name it they are available.

There are too many tools currently available so I can list all of them in this post, however I would like to give you a list of a handful of helpful tools at this time.

Twitter Trending Tools

Twit(url)y – list the top urls that ae being discussed on Twitter and does a nice job of breaking them down into Everything, News, Pics and Videos

Tweetmeme – is another Twitter tool that helps you see trends.  It lists the hottest links on Twitter

Twitscoop – is another tool to help you stay on top of Twitter.  Twittscoop also lets you update your Twitter from it’s interface

Twitter Tracking Tools

TweetStats – a tool to use to graph your tweets

Hoot Suite – This is a Twitter client that also has tracking and stats available

Twitter Unfollow Tracking and Automation

Qwitter – this tool will email you when someone quits following you after a tweet

Twitterless – this tool you who stops following you and graphs your follower history over time, making this info available in a variety of useful views.  At this time however this tool is in Beta still so I can’t give my honest opinion yet, but I am very curious to test it out.

Twitter Karma – This is one of my favorite tools.  It is a great way to see who is and who isn’t following you and it offers a way to mass follow or unfollow those users.

BuZZom – is a new tool for managing your followers and looks very robust.  I will be testing this one out over the next several days.

Twitter Search Tools

Search Twitter – This is Twitter’s built in search tool and it works very well to search Twitter for topic so interest

TweetScan – this tools works very similarly to Twitter Search but displays slightly differently

Twitter Local – this is a great tool to search tweets posted in a local location

Chirp City –  A tool to check out those Tweeting Near You

If you have a favorite Twitter tool either on this list or not please be sure to post a comment and share it.


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