Excellent Tips for Content Marketers

The way we market today has changed drastically and we are no longer in the age of being able to just serve ads to unsuspecting prospects.  Content is King and in order to effectively attract those that are interested in your products and services you must have a Content Marketing Strategy.

Your Content Marketing Strategy however is much more than just writing content, sharing it and sitting back and waiting for people to buy.  It takes a lot of work and ensuring that you are tracking what content is being consumed and getting the most traction along with identifying and separating your audiences.

I came a across a post this morning from Social Media Today that did an excellent job in sharing some key tips on how to get your content out there and really have it seen by the right audiences and track this.  In my opinion this is a MUST READ post if you are using content marketing – and you MUST be using content marketing.  The Post is Titled:

The 10 Greatest Social Media Advertising Tips for Content Marketers


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