Have you started using Google+ Yet?

When Google+ first surfaced I signed up right away for an account, but, that is about all I did.  Are You Using Google+There wasn’t a lot of traffic on Google+ and since the interface was so new and frankly different it was a bit confusing.  This being the case I keep my account but went back to the other social networks and left my Google+ Profile to sit.

A couple months ago I started seeing more and more buzz about Google+ and the power of circles, communities, pages and hangouts.  I decided to spend a little bit of time playing around and becoming more familiar with the tool.  This time around it didn’t seem so confusing – and it seemed pretty powerful.

In looking at Circles I saw the power to be able to add people to circles based on what they talked about and the industry they are in.  The concept of Circles also became more powerful – on Facebook you typically connect with people that you know in some form or fashion, but on Google+ you can add people to circles that you want to get to know.  I set up several circles that include the following:

  • Colorado Peeps – for those connections here in Colorado
  • Social Media – for those that I consider influential in this topic
  • Small Business – for those that are great business resources
  • Women in Technology – for those that I consider expert women in the tech field
  • Women Who Rock Social Media – this is my list of women who really get Social Media and share some excellent stuff

If you are new to Google+ and are just getting started this short video from Google gives a very quick overview of Google+ Circles:


Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting more on Google+ and the features and uses.


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