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List of Twitter Chats

Have you ever wondered what chats are available on Twitter and when they are and how to participate?

I was wondering myself this evening how many new and different Twitter Chats are available and which ones that I would like to participate in and maybe should participate in.  This prompted me to do a little digging and a little googling for some lists.

The following are my finds for you to use as a resource when you are looking for a Twitter Chat to join:

If you have other lists or Twitter Chats that you would like to suggest please feel free to comment and share this information.

– Stefanie


Once you have found your chat you can use TweetChat to follow along.



New Tools I have recently started using

Those that know me know I am always on the look out for new online tools that can be used for productivity, collaboration and just plain social news.  I often find some great ones as well as some that just don’t measure up.

Here are a few that I came across recently that seem to be promising:

Post Post is one of my favorite recent finds.  It connects with your Facebook account and provides a graphical view of the items shared by friends and pages in your stream.  I only wish you could also use this tool as a page and not just your personal profile.

Bag the Web – this is a new tool that I just found and have began to play with.  It allows you to place information including posts, links and other bags into a bag for reference for yourself and others.  You can also embed your bag into a website or blog.  I created my first bag for Social Media Tools today.

Summify – I just came across this tool and it is pretty neat.  It creates a summary of your social feeds and shows you what connections shared which stories.  Like PostPost it is a good way to see what your connections are sharing.

–          Stefanie




Twitter tools — lots of different Twitter tools

Twitter is truly one of my favorite social networking platforms and tools to use.  I have found it is quick and easy to use and a great way to learn from others, share and connect.  I have also found that there are several tools available that can be used with Twitter.

The tools that work with Twitter seem to be increasing on a steady rate as well.  There are tools for business, fun, tracking, to make twitter do more, tools to manage your followers and your tweets and much more.

I started to put together a list of all of the Twitter tools available the other day and in doing this I found a great mind map already completed that broke down the Twitter tools available.  I will be putting this list together still, however this is a great starting point:

If you have tools that you love and don’t see them on this list I would love to hear from you.