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Twitter is a great search tool

TwTwitter Searchitter is a great tool for connecting with others, but it is also a wonderful tool to use to search and find information.  Using Twitter for search is one of my favorite ways to use the tool.

There are many different things you can search for on Twitter and doing so will give you a way of finding out several key pieces of information, like what others are saying out about you and your brand, what your competitors are saying, who many be looking for your product or service and much more.

This morning I came across this post from Zapier that highlighted several ways to search Twitter that was very useful.  I would highly suggest taking a look at this post and seeing the different ways to really search Twitter and find some great information that you can use to help you grow your reach, connections and business.

Here is the link to the blog post for you: 25 Effective Ways to Use Twitter for Adanved Search


Help Someone took my Twitter Handle !!!

Creating a consistent brand across all social networks is important and that is why it can be very Twitter Handle Issuesstressful if you go to set up your Twitter account and find out that your desired Twitter Handle isn’t available and is in use by someone else.

Social Media Today published a great post with some tips on how to deal with things when you can’t get your Twitter Handle . ( What to Do When Your Twitter Handle is Taken But Isn’t in Use ).

Here are some key links for you to deal with a situation when you are unable to get your Twitter Handle and you really are entitled to it.

Your Twitter Handle is not available and has the big fat egg or hasn’t been updated in several months.  Refer to Twitter’s Inactive User Policy

Your Twitter Handle has been taken over by someone else.  This is typically used when potential trademark issues are involved. Refer to Twitter’s Trademark policy violation

Someone is actually pretending to be you on Twitter. You will want to reference the impersonation help team at Twitter




Twitter Can be a Life Changer

TwitterTwitter Can be a Life Changer


Twitter is one of those tools that when I first mention it to people that aren’t using it yet they often respond with something like this, ” Twitter, I just don’t get it.”  I usually respond with yes, that is what most people first say, but it truly can be a very powerful tool.

Twitter can be a powerful tool though and can really help you connect and build relationships with people.  Twitter can also help you build your business.  It is however first about building the relationships and connections.

Melinda Emerson did a great job of stating how Twitter and Social Media in general is about relationships and community first in her blog post on the NY Times, How Tiwtter Changed My Life :

Some people think that the minute they start using social media it should start raining money. This is not true on Twitter or in any business. People do business with people they like, know and trust. Which means you must put in the time. If you are a resource to your target customer first, you will build a community online that you can eventually monetize.

The rest of the article does a great job of sharing and describing how Melinda used Twitter to connect and create a following that ultimately resulted in a regular Tweet Chat which still takes place and how Twitter helped her sell her first book.

This didn’t happen overnight though, it took time to build the following and connect.  Melinda spent time sharing information, answering questions and connecting with others.

Read the complete article on  How Twitter Changed My Life 



List of Twitter Chats

Have you ever wondered what chats are available on Twitter and when they are and how to participate?

I was wondering myself this evening how many new and different Twitter Chats are available and which ones that I would like to participate in and maybe should participate in.  This prompted me to do a little digging and a little googling for some lists.

The following are my finds for you to use as a resource when you are looking for a Twitter Chat to join:

If you have other lists or Twitter Chats that you would like to suggest please feel free to comment and share this information.

– Stefanie


Once you have found your chat you can use TweetChat to follow along.



What is Social Media

2010 - June - NodeXL - #e20 Top Betweenness Graph 2010-06-13_10-45-00
Creative Commons License photo credit: Marc_Smith

Here is a quick follow-up post to the post from last week on What is your definition of Social Media .

This question is one that is being asked and answered in a variety of places lately.  Over the week-end Mashable collected the top 20 responses to the question “What is Social Media” What is interesting about how they collected the answers is they were via Twitter so the answerss were all 140 characters or less.

Here are some of the top buzz words that came from the answers:

  • Collaboration
  • Network
  • Conversation
  • Sharing
  • Relationships
  • Multi-dimensional
  • Inclusive
  • Information
  • Community
  • Personalization
  • Empowering
  • Real Time
  • People
  • Content
  • Dynamic
  • Power of the Crowd

The full post can be read here: What is Social Media

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Use Twitter for Special Promotions

Twitter promotions for followersTwitter is a great tool for businesses to use in their overall marketing strategy.  There are many ways a business can use Twitter ranging from customer service to all out marketing and promotions.

We have seen a lot of companies use Twitter to share special deals with their followers.  This is a very effective strategy because in most cases these deals are not available anywhere else.  This encourages active followers who will watch for the special promotional tweets from the business they are following.

One of our local clients A-1 Custom Trophies has begun using Twitter and will periodically tweet a special just to their Twitter followers.  You can follow A-1 Custom Trophies on Twitter (@A1_Trophies).

This strategy of posting special deals on Twitter has also been used successfully by several other businesses.

Corner Coffee in Minneapolis MN is now using Twitter to send special deals to their customers.  (@cornercoffe)

Dell Computers is an example of a company added a very large additional revenue stream by using Twitter for special promotions (over $2 million a year) (@DellOutlet)

StarBucks is using Twitter very effectively and is communicating special Twitter deals on a regular basis (@starbucks)

Naked Pizza has also been using Twitter for special promotions – and in fact last year a special Twitter promotion brought in over 15% of the daily business for that day. (@NakedPizza)

As you can see businesses are using Twitter to send out promotions and specials to their followers and are having success in doing so.  As a business owner this is something that you do not want to miss.

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Social Networking in 30 minutues a day part 1

Social Media and Social Networking are great ways to establish, build and grow your business and if you are not using Social Networking yet it is time to do so.

I have found though that often keeping on top of managing your Social Networking can be very overwhelming and often time consuming.

Over the last several weeks however I have been researching, testing and implementing tools and process that can assist you in managing your Social Networking activities so that it only takes approximately 15 – 30 minutes a day.

Your largest time commitment is going to be in setting up your profiles and structure in order to streamline your Social Networking.

If you haven’t done so already a good place to start is by setting up profiles on a few of the top Social Networks.  The ones that I would suggest you start with are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Personal Profile and Facebook Fan Page
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube if you are going to be using videos

There will be several more that you will want to integrate into your Social Media plan down the road but for today start with setting up profiles on the 4 sites listed above.

SourceOne Technologies is available to assist you with your Social Networking Profile Creation if you would like to have this handled for you.

In the next posts we will discuss more on tools that are available to help you manage these accounts.

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This is why HootSuite is one of my favorite tools

Image representing OW.LY as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

As you jump into Social Networking and Social Media I am sure you will see that there are hundreds of tools that you can use to manage your activity and there are several new tools surfacing every day.

I have tried several of these tools and use a handful on a daily basis.  I have however found a few that I would consider my favorite tools.  HootSuite is one of my favorites.

HootSuite is a web based tool that I have been using for several months to mange my twitter account and the accounts that I mange for others.  Here are a handful of reasons of why I originally selected HootSuite as a client to use:

  • You can manage multiple accounts:
    HootSuite allows you to manage multiple Twitter Accounts from the dashboard.  You are able to add multiple accounts and even set them up with their own tab so that they are easily organized.  This is very helpful for those of us that have multiple Twitter accounts or mange accounts for others.
  • HootSuite allows you to authorize multiple editors:
    This is a great feature.  HootSuite allows you to add people to your HootSuite account so that they can help manage your Twitter account, without you having to provide direct userid and password access to your Twitter Account.  This feature makes it really easy to set-up a business Twitter account and share the duties with others in your office.
  • HootSuite allows you to schedule tweets:   (one of my favorite features)
    HootSuite allows you to set up your tweets to be tweeted at a scheduled time.  This is a great feature and it really helps you manage your time on Twitter.  This allows you to schedule a block of time during the day where you find great content to tweet and then you can set it up in HootSuite to be sent at a pre-scheduled time.
  • HootSuite Offers Link Tracking: HootSuite has a built in tool to shorten links  “ow.ly”, but in addition to just shortening your links you can also track who clicks on your links.  This is a great tool and it allows you to see what tweets are the most interesting and valuable
  • Keyword Searches:
    HootSuite is great for monitoring keywords.  You can add a search to a tab and this will allow you to monitor tweets in real time on the keywords that you have selected.
  • Nice Dashboard Interface:
    HootSuite has a nice dashboard that is set up with tabs.  You can select which tabs you show and also have groups of tabs.  I have one group of tabs for one profile that contains my home feed, my @replies, my dm’s and then the keywords I am watching as well as my scheduled tweets.
  • Management of those you follow:
    HootSuite may not handle the follower management the best, however it is easy to select someone and either follow or un-follow them from HootSuite.

The features above are the main things that attracted me to start using HootSuite, however recently HootSuite has added several new features that are fabulous.

HootSuite now supports Twitter Lists as well as the ability to  update other Social Networks from HootSuite.  HootSuite has added support for Facebook, LinkedIn and Facebook Pages.

I am still testing out the new features for LinkedIn and Facebook, however from what I have seen so far I am really impressed.  I can now schedule posts to the Facebook Fan Pages I manage – this is a great time saver!

I will report back more later on my results of using HootSuite for Facebook and LinkedIn.

I would encourage you however to check out HootSuite and then stop back by and post your thoughts and results.

Here is a great video tutorial of HootSuite from HootSuite

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Basic Social Media and Online Marketing Tool Box

Recently I have had the opportunity to meet with individuals that are just getting started with marketing their business online.  In working with this group one question that has been Social Media Toolssurfacing lately is what does my basic set of tools look like for getting started using Social Media and Online Marketing in my business?

I have told them that there are literally thousands of tools that they could use, however that doesn’t mean that they should use all of these and in fact many of them will not be effective for what they want to accomplish.

That being said here is what I usually suggest as a basic Social Media and Online Marketing Basic Tool Box:

A Company Website – This would be the static site that provides information on your products and services, hours of operation, location, etc.  This would also be where you sell products or services from if that is a component of your business

A Blog – A blog is becoming one of the top items that a business should have in the basic Social Media and Online Marketing tool box.  This is where you discuss your thoughts on topics related to your business and topics that are of interest to your target market.  This is your place to post content and to share and in some cases interact with your target market.

Tracking Tools – Once you have your website and blog set-up it is important that you know where your traffic comes from.  There are several tools that you can use out there that will provide you with that information.  One of those tools is from Google, Google Analytics.  Take the time to make sure you have this in place so you can analyze where your traffic is coming from and how people are finding you.

E-Mail Marketing – In order to build the relationship with your target market you need to begin collecting their information.  You can do this by offering a newsletter or a free report from your website and blog.  Your visitors will choose to opt in to your list.  This will allow you to stay in front of them from time to time via email.

Twitter – Twitter is a must have for all businesses.  This is where you begin to connect with others interested in your market and interact.  Twitter can also be used to listen to your target market’s needs and wants as well as use as a customer service outlet.  Twitter is also a great tool to use to drive people back to your blog.

Facebook – Facebook is another place to connect with your target market.  I would suggest you have a Facebook Fan Page where you can connect and learn more about your target market.  Interact with your friends and do things like wish them Happy Birthday and share information they can use.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a great tool to use to connect with those that may need your product or service on the professional level.  This is one tool that should be in every consultant’s tool box.  You can join and participate in groups with others that are your target market.  LinkedIn is great for many businesses; however I would have to say that it may not be the best tool for businesses that deal directly with consumers (such as restaurants, retail stores, etc).

As I stated there are thousands of tools that can be used for Social Networking and Online Marketing, this is just a bare minimum to start out with in your tool box.

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Insights from Top Brands on Twitter

Twitter is becoming more an more mainstream and several companies large and small are jumping on Twitter and many of them are achieving great success.

Here are some videos from some of these companies sharing about Twitter.

Dell Computers

Southwest Airlines – Interview with Christi Day


Comcast CEO – Twitter Changed our Company


Brad Nelson of Starbucks talks to the PSAMA

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