Twitter is a great search tool

Twitter is a great tool for connecting with others, but it is also a wonderful tool to use to search and find information.  Using Twitter for search is one of my favorite ways to use the tool.

There are many different things you can search for on Twitter and doing so will give you a way of finding out several key pieces of information, like what others are saying out about you and your brand, what your competitors are saying, who many be looking for your product or service and much more.

This morning I came across this post from Zapier that highlighted several ways to search Twitter that was very useful.  I would highly suggest taking a look at this post and seeing the different ways to really search Twitter and find some great information that you can use to help you grow your reach, connections and business.

Here is the link to the blog post for you: 25 Effective Ways to Use Twitter for Adanved Search


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