Weekly Top Social Media and Tool Finds for October 27th

Weekly Top Social Media Finds for October 27th

Every week I get the opportunity to read some great information from others on Social Media and using it.  I also get to review and evaluate several great tools and how they can be used online to either improve your business, use in the classroom or to just connect with others. I will be sharing these great finds from time to time in a weekly recap post.

Please feel free to comment on and share any of these great finds.


Pinterest is a great tool.  I have often described it to people as an online vision or goal board, for that reason I loved seeing this post that describes it just as that!  Vision Boards and Pinterest: A Goal-Oriented Match Made in Heaven


Have you attended a conference recently and as you registered were given a hash tag to use on Twitter for the conference?  This is becoming more and more popular to get attendees to tweet at conferences.  The good news is that this works and increases engagement.  Here is a great post that shows the results. Now Proven! Using Twitter At Conferences Increases Attendee Engagement


One of my favorite undiscovered tools on LinkedIn is LinkedIn Answers.  This is a great tool to find out what people in your target market or industry are looking for – it is also a great way to increase your creditability.  This post I came across this week does a wonderful job on showing how to use this tool. The Ultimate Guide to Linkedin Answers


This is a great post from KISS Metrics that I came across that does a wonderful job of providing a list of resources for those that are interested in increasing your blogger outreach program as well as resources for guest blogging. The Ultimate Resource Guide to Blogger Outreach and Guest Blogging


Have you ever wanted to create an animated video?  Here is a tool that does exactly that for you. http://goanimate.com

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